Sen. Mary Landrieu Speaks Out on EPA Regulations

POINTE COUPEE -- A Democratic senator in the state plans to fight the white house on new EPA regulations.

 U.S. senator Mary Landrieu spoke out Monday at the Big Cajun II power plant in Louisiana.
The EPA blames emissions for global warming and wants power plants to cut back by 30 percent.
Landrieu says power bills could nearly double if new emissions standards go in effect.

"EPA doesn't have the authority and I think congress should take the responsibility to set energy policy," she said. "Do it in a way that sets very clear targets with as much flexibility as possible."

There is still a public comment period on the possible regulations... Which could go into effect by next summer.

"We believe we've taken significant steps to reduce emissions from this plant including carbon and will continue to do so in the future," said Jennifer Vosburg with Big Cajun II.

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