Price Of Crawfish Rises As Cravings Increase Easter Weekend

SHREVEPORT (KTAL) -- Louisiana seafood restaurants are reeling in the cash on crawfish.
“Easter traditionally is when we sell the most live crawfish, and this Easter, we’ll probably be the biggest Easter weekend we’ve ever had,” said Robert Shaver, owner of Shaver’s Crawfish and Catering in Shreveport.
“I probably sold a thousand pounds just this morning,” said Matt Morvan, general manager of Shane’s Seafood and BBQ in Shreveport.
Shaver’s is selling live crawfish for  $3.49 a pound while Shane’s charges $3.79 per pound. That’s up 50 cents from last week. Both have specials for buying larger quantities. Both are selling boiled crawfish for $4.99 lb.
With the recent cold weather, Robert Shaver was worried he wouldn’t have any mudbugs to sell at all.
“This week, they fell a little in size because of the cold snap but we were able to get enough to get by,“Shaver said.

But if you're looking for cheaper prices, your best bet is to wait until the holiday is over.

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