New Website is the '' for Job-seekers

MONROE -- Louisiana Job Connection is a website designed by the Louisiana Economic Development that will serve as a hub for job-seekers and a talent pool for employers.

The website will use a matching algorithm to connect job-seekers with the job that fits their qualifications and allow employers to find candidates best suited for the position.

Scott Martinez, President of the North Louisiana Economic Partnership, says,"They described this to me as the for job-seekers and employers, and I hope it works well. With the technology they are employing with this site as well as the need for it, I think it will be successful."

A spokesperson with the Louisiana Workforce Commission says more employers than ever before are looking to fill positions and the workforce believes this will be a great resource in helping employers find the best skilled people.

"We see this as being a great tool, especially for a community like Monroe," adds Martinez.

The North Louisiana Economic Partnership encourages both job-seekers and employers to take advantage of the exciting new tool.

"I would say do it. Try it. It is in its beginning phase, but there has been a lot of thought put into it," says Martinez. 

The user friendly website will be open to employers posting job openings on June 13th and job-seekers can create profiles showcasing their resumes starting August 18th.

LED is hoping Louisiana Job Connection will lead to better long term outlooks for both employers and job-seekers, who will be matched with jobs specific to them.

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