New Restaurants Sign of Growing Economy in Twin Cities

MONROE/WEST MONROE -- There has been a surge of new or upcoming restaurants in the Twin Cities.

"It's just an exciting time for our community, and we see the growth that is happening," said Courtney Hornsby, the President of the West Monroe Chamber of Commerce.

Some of the new places include Doe's Place in Washington Plaza, the expansion of Avocado's Restaurant and the possibility of a few big name chain restaurants in West Monroe.

Both cities say these new businesses are the sign of a growing economy.

"Some of it is reflective of an economy that is recovering and doing better. More people are working. When they work, they have disposable income, and they can spend it," said Sue Nicholson, the President of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce.

The influx of new places is thought to be the result of more people moving into and visiting the Twin Cities.

"The population is growing a little bit. This is actually the hub for Northeast Louisiana, so a lot of people that live in the rural area will come into Monroe. Maybe they will do some shopping, or maybe they are coming in for a doctor's appointment. Then they stay and eat out," said Nicholson.

Although, the new businesses could take away from established local business.

"We love to see development in the community. That is an indicator of strong growth. There is the concern that might take away from the existing restaurants we have here, and I think that could be the case," Hornsby said.

Still, chamber leaders say the influx of new places is a positive sign for their economies.

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