New App Helps You Find A Place To Pee Anywhere, At Anytime

NEW ORLEANS (WVLA, NBC33) - Okay let's face it, many of us have been in a situation where we had to go but had no idea where to go, especially during Mardi Gras.

That's what led two New Orleans software developers to find a solution to this problem and now one year later they've launched an app that helps you find a place to pee.

Holding it in isn't always fun, especially when you're surrounded by thousands of people in an unfamiliar city but your in luck, you won't have to hold it any longer.

"We call ourselves entre 'PEE' neurs."

Max Gaudin was stuck in the same situation. He had to pee but had nowhere to do his business, so he developed a solution.

Locals like Cassandra Sanchez tell us having a place to go is crucial. "That's always really important, find a place to pee add a place to pee."

"It's a tourist app to find a place to go to the bathroom. Well yeah you can definitely use it down here," said local Jamie Maguire.

Its called 'Air PNP' and its a website based app to find a bathroom wherever you are.

"I think its very genius and I have to go right now," said tourist, Spencer Gordan.

Even though this app was developed specially for Mardi Gras revelers in New Orleans, its really for anyone, at any time anywhere around the world.

"The French speaking world seems to really love Air PNP Europe is dominating by adding their own bathrooms right now," said developer Max Gaudin.

All you do is fill out the form, add a description, a picture and a price then 'URINE' business to do your business.

Gaudin scrolled through some of the bathrooms and found one that caught his eye. "Here in downtown Austin you can do your business in the clouds. This is the view you get for five dollars which is a good deal."

The price is up to the supplier.

"You're looking at probably two to ten bucks and if you have an epic penthouse suite you can bump it up."

Other tourists like Allison Gordan tell us they would pay the price," Especially if it's a really nice bathroom, I would pay to use a really good bathroom."

"Some people will stay for a coffee some listings are free," noted Gaudin.

So next time you're in an unfamiliar place and you need to got to go to the bathroom, there's an app for that.

They based the app off of the Air BNB, which helps you find bed and breakfasts or beds to rent out. About fifty people used this app during Mardi Gras and over 200 people are using it right now in Russia alone.


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