Louisiana Job Connection Now Open To Job Seekers

West Monroe --  LouisianaJobConnection.com launched its innovative matching system for job seekers last week, helping them connect to hundreds of employers who are offering thousands of jobs in Louisiana.

The free website debuted in June for employers, who began registering jobs, and provides a robust, skills-based job matching platform that automatically matches job seekers with jobs for which they are most qualified.

More than 600 Louisiana employers are already utilizing LouisianaJobConnection.com to fill thousands of jobs. Open to Louisiana residents and out-of-state job seekers alike, the site attracted more than 700 job seekers on its first day. LouisianaJobConnection.com accelerates the search process for both employers and prospective employees – saving time and money, reducing unemployment, increasing productivity and expanding sales for small businesses.

Louisiana Job Connection includes convenient features for job seekers:

Straightforward Interface: Job seekers will find Louisiana Job Connection’s interface to be clean and straightforward. The system is designed to simplify profile setup by allowing users to manually enter content or scrape directly from their LinkedIn profile.

Custom Privacy Settings: Users can make their profile public, available only to companies with whom they match, or completely private.

Advanced Matching Algorithm: Job seekers will only be matched with opportunities that would utilize their unique skills and experience. This allows users to quickly identify and apply for opportunities that are the right fit.

Louisiana Job Connection includes flexible capabilities for Louisiana employers:

Advanced Matching Algorithm: Employers will only see profiles of job seekers that meet the skills requirements of each job posting. Recruiters also have the capability to adjust the threshold match percentage to quickly broaden or narrow their search based on profiles in the system. The matching functionality also limits the number of applicants to only those that meet the threshold match – allowing employers to identify the right talent quickly.

Multiple Recruiter Functionality: Company profiles can be set up to include multiple recruiters to enable increased accessibility and productivity.

Job Posting Flexibility: Users can either post jobs manually on the site or choose to scrape them from another site where they already post jobs.

Custom Company Landing Pages: Companies will have the ability to create a custom landing page using drag-and-drop functionality. This allows each company to tailor their messaging to meet talent recruitment needs.

Robust Communication Tools: Employers will have the ability to bulk-message applicants or send messages to particular job seekers based on match results.

For more information, including an informational video as well as registration for informational webinars and events for employers, visit www.LouisianaJobConnection.com.

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