Louisiana Job Connection Now Available to Employers; Soon to Job Seekers

LouisianaJobConnection.com is a free and innovative new website that actually matches employers with the most qualified jobseekers - automatically - making finding the right employees easier and more straightforward. Designed by Louisiana Economic Development, the site is now open to employers and goes live to jobseekers on Aug. 18, so we're urging employers to register on LouisianaJobConnection.com and start posting jobs TODAY.

The launch to jobseekers will be bolstered by a national marketing campaign to in-state, out-of-state and ex-pat professionals, so it is expected to draw a lot of attention. The goal is to help employers find the talent they need, so we can continue to grow Louisiana's economy for everyone. Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL) recently highlighted the website as an important workforce and economic development tool (see below).

LED Secretary Stephen Moret calls Louisiana Job Connection a potential "game changer" for Louisiana, and Louisiana companies who've tested the site are excited about what it will mean for their businesses. Read the press release and watch the overview video to learn more.
It's no secret that with more than $60 billion of announced investments in Louisiana over the next few years our state's economy is looking at a major economic boom of almost unprecedented proportions. Neither is it a secret that such a huge economic expansion will strain Louisiana's workforce in ways we haven't seen for decades.

Louisiana Economic Development is trying to make the most of this opportunity for employers and workers with a new website called Louisiana Job Connection. It's a simple concept, but a sophisticated tool that does just as the name implies - connect job seekers with a listing of jobs that they're most qualified for.

If you think about all those online dating services and how they work you'll get a good idea of how Louisiana Job Connection functions. The dating sites take bits of information from people seeking a mate and then use complex algorithms to match the various interests of one person to those of another. What comes out is a listing of dating prospects that are matched to each other based on their compatibility.

Louisiana Job Connection does much the same thing. Job seekers post information about their job interests, experience, skills, education and qualifications and the algorithms match them to a job opening that has been posted on the site. For workers it's a one-stop shop to see what kinds of currently available jobs are available for them. But for employers, it's an even greater resource which allows them to tailor their employee needs as tightly or as broadly as they want while ensuring that they end up with inquiries from potential employees who actually fit their needs. It's a simple approach that streamlines the process for employers to find the right talent for the job they're trying to fill.

The added good news is that it's all totally free of charge to both employers and job seekers. But there is one catch - for employers to reap the benefits they need to add the job profiles for the employees they're seeking to the Louisiana Job Connection website. It's an easy process and doesn't take long, but listings of those available jobs do need to be posted. And right now, timing is important.

The Louisiana Job Connection website will go live online for job seekers on August 18 and will be accompanied by a major marketing campaign. But it's critical that the site is populated before that date with profiles of the jobs employers are trying to fill. So LED is urging employers to register now and get those profiles online.

To get started, LED has a special website with a guide for users and a brief video explaining how the process works. Their announcement release also contains useful information for both job seekers and employers.

It might not be exactly the same as going online to find your soul mate, but it is a one-of-a-kind tool specifically designed to help meet the growing needs of an expanding and diversified economy. And the price is pretty good, too.

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