Kids Learn Entrepreneurship On Lemonade Day Louisiana


MONROE  - There were some young entrepreneurs at the Rivermarket for Lemonade Day Louisiana.

The program asks kids throughout the state to learn how to start, own and operate their own business -- such as a lemonade stand.

With the help of parents, these little business owners had to negotiate with 'lenders' to fund their endeavor.

They then set up shop around the twin cities. Parents say it's a great way to teach their kids financial responsibility.

"We went through the whole process of what she wanted, what she wanted to sell, how much the cost was going to be and then actually last night she went and talked to her papa about  him investing,” said one parent. “She has to pay him a percentage back.”

Several kids actually choose to donate their profits to local charities.  But the biggest reward was learning how to manage finances.  

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