Gov. Jindal Speaks Out Against Obama's Climate Plan

HOUSTON, Tex. -- Some republican governors are fighting president Obama's plan to reduce carbon pollution - including Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal.

On Monday, Jindal and other GOP governors gathered in Houston to say they're against the president's plan.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced the president's Clean Power Plan earlier this month.

By 2030, the plan aims to cut power plants' carbon emissions by 30 percent from their 2005 levels.

"We're here united to make one very important point.  We want to send a loud message to the president, the Obama administration and the bureaucrats in Washington, DC.  That message is this:  We need Washington to get out of the way; we need Washington to stop its war on affordable energy," said Jindal on Monday.

Jindal was one of nine republican governors who signed off on a letter to president Obama asking him to scrap the new climate plan.

Proponents say it takes important steps toward combating climate change.

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