Direct Flights to Denver a Possibility

The Monroe Regional Airport could be adding more flights to their departure list.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo says,"The city of Monroe Airport, CenturyLink, and the Denver International Airport are going to Chicago to see if we can get a direct flight from Denver to Monroe and Monroe to Denver."

Mayo says the direct flights would be a huge win for the city and especially for business travelers.

"It would be a tremendous impact, economic impact on the city of Monroe. Our business travelers and leisure travelers would have a direct flight," says Mayo.

Locals agree saying they would like to get to their destinations without having to change flights in other cities.
Frequent traveler, Rebecca George, says, "It will be very, very nice to have a direct flight somewhere other than Houston, Dallas, or Atlanta to be able to go up to the Northwest area."

Currently passengers must fly through Texas and Georgia to get a flight to Denver. The possible direct flights between Monroe and Denver would not only be good for business travel but also personal travel.

One traveler says she is excited about the direct flight since it would be easier to visit a good friend.

George says,"My very best friend for the last 15 years is moving in the next couple of weeks to Denver, so there will be a lot of frequent trips out to Denver, me going there and him coming back here. Seeing about a direct flight is just amazing!"

If successful, Mayo says he believes these flights would be a significant victory for the city.

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