Bill Stoking The Fires Of Home-Cooking Entrepreneurs

BATON ROUGE - A bill headed to the governor’s desk will give enterprising bakers and cooks got some help overcoming a daunting list of sanitary codes and regulations to try to start their own home-based business.
The author of the bill, Representative Scott Simon - R, Abita Springs, is chairman of the House Committee on Health and Welfare and past chairman of the Sustainable Local Food Policy Council. His bill, HB 1270, will allow home-based bakers, cooks and confectioners to prepare a wider variety of food items for sale under a simple set of sanitary and food preparation regulations.
“We’ve made past exceptions to health rules to allow citizens to make a short list of specific treats at home: mainly homemade jams, jellies, honey, cookies and cakes,” said Simon, “But to really kick start a home-based economy, we need to make it easier for budding chefs and bakers to bring more items to local markets without the burden of stifling food preparation codes.”
Simon’s bill expands the short list of allowed specific food items to replace them with a list called the “low risk foods,” meaning primarily baked goods.
The bill has been approved by the both the House and the Senate and now awaits the governor’s signature.

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