Arkansas Boy Killed By Lightning

Mississippi County, AR -- (WATN) A 16-year-old Arkansas boy is dead after getting struck by lightning.

Steven Sheppard was hit outside his church in Carrol's Corner in Mississippi County Tuesday night.

Family and friends are heartbroken. They are hurting badly right now, in disbelief Steven is gone.

The teenager had been doing volunteer work at his church when the storm hit. He was struck as he ran to go home.

A jagged burn line marks the tree lightning struck outside the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Carroll's Corner Arkansas last night.

16 year old Steven Sheppard was standing under it when the bolt hit, killing him.

Just minutes earlier, Steven had been working inside the church with his family.

His dad found him lying on the ground. He was his oldest of three boys.

"Steven he was. He was an all around liked boy. We did everything together. We chopped cotton. He drove me places because he liked to drive," father Nute Sheppard said.

At 16, Nute Sheppard says Steven loved being outdoors, playing football, and more.

"He liked hunting when he could. And fishing. And he was out here working. He worked his little heart out," Sheppard said.

One of Steven's other passions was singing.

"Oh he loved singing. When he was a little boy he begged me. He said daddy I want you to sing with me and I'm not a good singer. And I said no I'm not going to do it. I wish I had of," Sheppard said.

Chief Joseph Riney with the Etowah Police Department was one of the first to respond Tuesday night.

He said the storm popped up seemingly out of nowhere.

The Sheppards live right next door to the church, the lightning strike was a freak and tragic accident.

"They left during the lightning storm and they ran home which is next door,” Riney said.

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