All of North Louisiana Under a Hard Freeze Warning

UPDATE: As of Sunday morning, a Hard Freeze Warning has been issued for all of north Louisiana and for most of south Arkansas. Click to read the latest official Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi weather warnings.


UPDATE: The National Weather Service of Shreveport tells KTVE 10 News that they will likely issue a Hard Freeze Warning by Sunday for parts of northwest Louisiana & southwest Arkansas.

They explained that they use the same criteria as NWS Jackson to issue such warnings: when expecting an arctic outbreak and low temperatures are expected to fall into the teens or lower and a prolonged period of temperatures below freezing will occur.

"We typically do not issue advisories this far out, but we will continue to highlight this event hard," said a representative from NWS Shreveport. "Sorry for any confusion."

This story will be updated again later Saturday night or during the day on Sunday when NWS Shreveport issues their warning. NWS Jackson's Hard Freeze Warning begins on Sunday at 6pm.


WEST MONROE, LA -- On Saturday afternoon, the National Weather Service (NWS) of Jackson, Mississippi issued a Hard Freeze Warning for parts of northeast Louisiana and southeast Arkansas.

The Hard Freeze Warning is in effect from 6pm Sunday to 12pm Tuesday. A Hard Freeze Warning means sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely and expected for an extended duration.

During the time the warning is active, NWS Meteorologists expect overnight temperatures to fall into the teens and lower 20s. The coldest morning will be Tuesday with widespread teens expected and some single digits possible. The timing for the cold event will be Sunday night through Wednesday morning with the coldest morning being Tuesday.

An extended period of temperatures well below freezing could cause ruptured water pipes and pose a threat to sensitive vegetation and livestock. These conditions are also potentially hazardous to people and pets who are vunerable to the cold.

The National Weather Servive of Shreveport has the authority to issue weather warnings for north central and northwest Louisiana as well as southwest Arkansas, including the cities of Monroe, West Monroe, and El Dorado. As of Saturday afternoon, their office did not issue a weather warning despite forecasts calling for similar conditions across all of north Louisiana and all of south Arkansas. Different NWS offices have varying criteria to meet before issuing certain cold weather warnings.

A Wind Chill Advisory has also been issued for Sunday night through Monday morning. NWS Meteorologists expect wind chill values to range between negative 4 and 10 degrees. Unprotected skin could be frostbitten with prolonged exposure to cold wind chills. The breezy wind and cold air will also bring the threat of hypothermia to anyone exposed to the elements for a prolonged time. 

Everyone living in south Arkansas and north Louisiana should prepare for very cold weather on Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. More details on the hard freeze expected early next week here.

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