ACC Seeks Federal Grant To Help Launch Statewide Re-Entry Program

Little Rock -- The Arkansas Department of Community Corrections (ACC) is working to create an effective statewide re-entry program for offenders released from prison.

If the department comes up with a strong comprehensive program, the state could see a federal grant worth 3 million dollars to help launch it.

The ACC already has two federal grants used to conduct research and evaluation at prisons and other re-entry programs seen across the state. They're looking at what works and what isn't working.

UALR's Criminal Justice Department is heavily involved in the process along with various organizations that are looking at things that are needed such as housing, transportation, substance abuse programs and jobs.

"The reality is, most people who are incarcerated are going to be released, so it's really important if we know that to make sure that we are trying to provide resources, education, training, skills to help those who are receptive to it," says David Montague, UALR Criminal Justice Assoc. Professor.

Senate Bill 1190 was enacted into law last March with the purpose of creating an effective statewide re-entry program. The ACC plans to apply for the 3 million dollar grant in a couple of months.

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