Political Minute April 27, 2014

West Monroe -- Landriue in the lead, Jindal tied with Obama and Jindal explains his change of heart on Common Core.

Good news for incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu, in the latest New York Times/Kaiser Family Foundation poll released, Landrieu leads Bill Cassidy 42% - 18%, and leads the combined Republican field 42% - 27%.

The same poll showed the approval rating for Governor Bobby Jindal and President Obama both tied at 40%.
Obama and Jindal also share a 54 percent disapproval rate among the surveyed Louisiana voters.

Speaking of Jindal..in an opinion piece in USA Today. Governor Jindal trie to explain why he's now opposed to the common core standards, something he was once in favor of. Jindal says Uncle Sam has become too involved in academic standards and the related standardized test.
He adds that state and local governments should be responsible for teaching its students.
It should be noted the BESE and Louisiana Secretary of Education John White are in favor of common core standards.

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