Brittany Ramsey

HYFN Local Representative

Office Phone: 318.323.1972

Cell Phone: 318.789.6723

200 Pavilion Rd., West Monroe, La 71292                                                       

Hello! My name is Brittany Ramsey. My passion is helping to promote and grow our community through  strong relationships and media advertising. My goals for HYFN Local are to provide superior customer service and help local businesses grow not only their business but their digital presence as well. HYFN Local offers a wide variety of products and services that allow us to cater to small, medium, and large businesses. I will work with you in order to get to know and understand your business so I can help you get on the right path and drive results!

What We Provide

HYFN Local has a suite of products to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. Using a tactical approach, we drive results in order to benefit our clients. We start with business intelligence about your company and grow from there. Our consultative approach will allow you to better understand the opportunity as it relates to your business and the path needed to help drive results.

Products We Provide

  •     Mobile
  •     Reputation Management
  •     Social Media Management/ Marketing
  •     Targeting/Audience Extension
  •     OTT (Over The Top)
  •     Pay Per Click (SEM)
  •     SEO 
  •     Search Optimized Business Listings
  •     Native Advertising
  •     Video Retargeting 

Targeting/Audience Extension

While Big Data has quickly become today’s buzz term for every kind of business, its benefits have been limited to the marketing budgets of large enterprises; until now. Targeted Display advertising, or “retargeting” can allow you to focus your advertising, delivering to the people who have shown an interest in your service and/or product. We employ a number of tactics tied to digital behavior, including;

     •   People who have visited your site or a competitor’s site
     •   People that have searched online for items you sell
     •   People who have read online material relating to the products/services you offer

Delivering data points across a trusted publishing network that includes sites like,, and, HYFN Local works to ensure your ads can be delivered at the exact time people are interested and considering a purchase of the products or services you offer.

Pay Per Click ( SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the second most-popular online advertising category next to display advertising. Over $60 Billion will be spent on SEM this year in the United States. And nearly half of small businesses in the United States have indicated a plan to start increasing their SEM spending. As more and more companies jump into the SEM pool the corresponding complexity and cost increases. Our PPC services provide state-of-the-art keyword optimization and selection, the most competitive bidding for keywords and simple reporting structures that allow you to track the effectiveness of your SEM investment.

Social Media Management/ Marketing

Social media can be a tricky and often terrifying endeavor for those unfamiliar with how time-consuming its mastery can be. What kind of content delivers the best responses? Should I do contesting? If so, how do I execute it properly? And how do you leverage your in-store traffic to enhance your social media performance? HYFN Local provides hands-on social media management for your business. We meet to understand your needs, then create all graphics and content and execute the posts throughout the month on the days/times of your choice. Included in the program is the option to conduct monthly contests and full reporting. Bottom line, we demystify the growing mystery behind how you can turn the power of social media into your greatest asset. Optimize your social presence and turn audience into customers.

Reputation Management

A business is only as strong as the reputation it builds within their existing customer base. Comments and reviews establish a level of trust, helping to draw in new customers while solidifying your loyal base. But what should you do if a customer leaves a negative comment, a review that tears apart the fabric you have worked so hard to weave? HYFN Local’s Reputation tools allow you to conquer these concerns by:

    •   Providing 24/7 monitoring of your ratings, reviews and social sites
    •   Working hand-in-hand to boost the reviews to your website
    •   Providing Best Practices for responding to less than favorable reviews

Video Retargeting

Similar to Targeted Display Advertising (or retargeting), Online Video Retargeting utilizes all the Big Data application points to deliver your company’s video pre-roll advertising to the perfect audience. All targeting elements available on our Display platform are also available on our Video platform with some exciting enhancements:

   •   The ability to trigger your video pre-roll campaign to weather conditions, such as when it  rains, Hi/Lo temperature,     
        sky conditions, etc.
   •   The ability to create consumer data points
   •   Campaigns can be customized to demographic, geo-targeting and day parting

With the explosion of online video viewing and the inherent power of site-sound-motion-emotion of video, we can help you create an online video campaign that is unique and targeted to your prospects and clients.