Make an Earthy statement at school in organic, graphic T-shirts

By Melissa Segrest
Green Right Now

The school uniform of choice for tweens and teens is pretty simple: a T-shirt and jeans (or anything denim).

For the student who is a humanitarian or environmentally oriented, we’ve collected a line-up of Ts that are not just made of organic materials and under fair-trade conditions – they carry messages of support for Earth-friendly concerns.

  • Common Threadz is a non-profit group working to aid orphans and vulnerable children in Africa. Every T-shirt purchase helps the group pay for a school uniform or food. Check out Orphan Collection – Ts designed by the African children, complete with a picture and some information about each child. In one, Wandile Dindi of South Africa (above, left) displays his design for a T-shirt (above, right). The site provides information about each child. For Wandile: “His father has passed and his mother is unemployed and cannot support him. . . .” The Orphan T-shirts range from kids sizes ($29) through adult ($38 for women’s and $44 for men’s).
  • Seattle-based Greenloop features lots of eco-friendly Ts. Everything they sell is made of natural or recycled material, and they say they buy from environmentally friendly and fair labor shops. Project Green Label has a cute Earthy statement on their organic cotton T-shirt ($38), and Andira’s pretty “Rain Forest” sky blue shirt ($38) is graphically pleasing.
    For guys, Sub_Urban Riot makes an energy statement with an organic T festooned with graphic wind turbines ($34). Green Label Organic has a funny “tree mugger” picture (left) on their green ring-spun organic cotton T for $30.
  • If artistic and handmade items are what your tween or teen prefer, Etsy is a great place to shop. The site allows creative artisans and designers around the world a place to sell their singular wares. Among their green-statement Ts, the “Peace, Love and a (picture of a bicycle)” ($26) would suit either sex, young or old. It’s made by Lofty Mornings. A flat-out statement of self may suit your student: “100% Ethical” (at left) is the message on a plain white T made of un-dyed organic cotton. The T Shirt Project creation is only $14.
    An environmental message – “In the trees I do believe” – is front and center on Perusha People’s T-shirts for men and women ($23).
    GreenWorks’ “Organic Couture” shirt ($26) is a flashy T for girls. They point out that the graphic’s ink is low-impact and water-based.
    Another commentary – “Local is beautiful” – adorns Rectangle Design’s T ($24). Kitten In The Engine offers up a lengthy statement of our environmental needs (It starts with “It is too bad that we messed things up . . . “) on their organic ring-spun cotton shirt ($24).
  • HinixTees has a lovely lineup of women’s earth-oriented T-shirts, such as the “Back to Roots” burnout organic option for $20 (at right). Many of their selections are selling quickly, so check it out fast.
  • At California Rising‘s website, there are plenty of trendy green messages on men’s T-shirts, although at $65 they’re a bit pricey.
  • Edun is a popular clothing line aimed at providing sustainable work for people in developing countries. A guy’s V-neck shirt features the company’s “Freedom Respect” message for $50 (that’s a reduced price). The shirt is made in Uganda.
  • If you’re a girl with Zen-like leanings, the Om Girl Freedom Buddha T-shirt of organic cotton at Vickerey will make your mindfulness known (for $44). Students who have opted to stop eating meat will love the Herbivore line, including their uni-sex “Herbivore for Life” shirt (at right, $23).
  • Subtle, simple holistic messages (such as “Today matters”) are on Buy Green’s scoop-neck girls’ bamboo/organic cotton T-shirts, on sale for $29. Made by Tees for Change, the shirts are made with low-impact dyes, water-based inks, and are sweatshop-free (they’re made in Turkey).
  • Oh Buggy’s line of organic Ts are hot-sellers. They are selling out quickly, but you can still grab the Pandamonium shirt for guys or girls (it’s a “mini-commentary” on the destruction of pandas’ natural habitats) for $30 (below, left).
  • And girls will find short- and long-sleeved Ts and tanks that sport their favorite eco-foundation logo at PositiviTee. The company sends 10 percent of the cost of the shirts to their matching charities. For example, the tangerine T with a swinging chimp supports the Jane Goodall Institute and the turquoise shirt with fish benefits Greenpeace. (below, right; $48.95)

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