Ebola Flight Crews Get Special Training

(TMZ) -- TMZ obtained an internal document from Delta telling gate attendants and flight crews what to do if they suspect a passenger is infected with Ebola.

According to the document -- "Advisory:  Ebola Virus Disease: Update 8-6-14," which was distributed widely to Delta employees -- ticket and gate agents are supposed to be on the lookout for passengers appearing to be ill.

The agent is required to contact STAT-MD -- a "calling station" where doctors at Universities and other facilities can be contacted for opinions. The document states the passenger cannot board if STAT-MD does not sign off.

As for passengers who appear infected on the plane, the Delta document says the crew should "assess for fever" but cautions they should wear gloves and masks when coming in contact with the person.

It goes on ... "Isolate sick passenger away from others, if possible. Designate lavatory for the sick passenger (do not block a separate lavatory for crew)."

And the document states, "Ill passenger to wear mask if coughing or sneezing and provide tissues and a plastic bag for used tissue disposal."

Read more at TMZ.

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