UPDATE: Standoff Suspect Charged With Resisting

UPDATE: June 13th  Brenton Chism has been charged with one count of resisting an officer after a standoff, Thursday.  He's being held in OCC on $500 bond. 


WEST MONROE - Brenton Chism, 49, caused quite a scare at a West Monroe gas station.

"Well, I got outside I was going to mow my yard and I saw all the activity, " said Ned Nelson, who’s home is just hundred feet or so from the Smart Save gas station.

Around 9:30 a.m., while driving north on Cypress Street, Chism told dispatchers at the West Monroe Police Department that he was going to seriously harm himself, or worse - commit suicide.

Police caught up to him near the intersection of Cypress Street and Downing Pines Road before parking inside the gas station.

Ned Nelson's yard was taped off by police. His family was told to go inside and lock the doors.

"I knew something bad had happened," said Nelson.

During the negotiations with the Ouachita parish swat team - this lasted over an hour - Chism stripped down to only his underwear, before finally getting out of his truck.

"There were no weapons recovered,” said Sgt. C.J. Beck with the West Monroe Police Department. “There was a fear that maybe there was at the time so we took all precautions, set up a parameter in the area, cleared the stores to make sure no public was in fear of their lives."

After failing to put his hands up, Chism was shot with a taser once, and was taken into custody in a patrol car.

He then was taken to University Health Conway for evaluation.

“Typically in cases like this, we want to get him evaluated, that's the main thing, to get them the help they need," adds Beck.

Soon after, police reopened the gas station, and the intersection. Then it was back to business as usual.

West Monroe police tell us Chism could face misdemeanor charges pending a psychological evaluation.


UPDATE 12 p.m. :  
OPSO has identified the suspect as 49-year old Brenton Chism of West Monroe.  

He was taken to University Health Conway for medical and mental evaluations.

misdemeanor charges are pending. 


UPDATE 11:30 a.m.  :  
According to Maj. David May of the West Monroe Police Department, the suspect in this standoff called West Monroe Police and told dispatchers that he was going to 'harm himself', while driving north on Cypress Street.  

The man's name is not being released at this time. 

A WMPD Officer was able to catch up to the man just before the Downing Pines Road intersection.  That's when he pulled into the Super Save gas station.  

Police immediately evacuated the area because they could not confirm at the time whether or not the man was armed inside of his truck.

OPSO then took over negotiations.  Soon after the man exited his truck in only his underwear, but would not follow police commands.  

The man was tased once and police were able to apprehend him.  

No other injuries were reported at the scene.

He remains in custody at this time.  

Police are still investigating. 

According to KTVE/KARD's David Cawton, the suspect inside the Super Save gas station is now in police custody. 

According to David Cawton, law enforcement used a taser on the suspect. 

Police are expected to give a briefing on the situation in a little while. 

No word on what led to the situation. No injuries were reported. 

West Monroe -- West Monroe Police are dealing with a standoff at the Super Save gas station on Cypress Street.

Because of this, a large section of Cypress Street is shut down.

Cypress Street is closed between Parker Auto Body and Norris Lane.

Downing Pines Road is also closed between Cypress Street and I-20.

KTVE/KARD has a crew on the scene. As more information is available, we'll bring it to you.

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