UPDATE: New Winnsboro Aldermen Meeting Scheduled After Chaotic Ending to Previous One

UPDATE FRIDAY, June 12 -- Another meeting of the Winnsboro Board of Aldermen has been scheduled in the wake of Thursday night's special meeting, which ended in outburst with District 2 Alderman John Dumas being escorted out in handcuffs by Winnsboro Police.

Mayor Jackie Johnson immediately adjourned the meeting after Dumas was led out with one issue still left on the agenda, that of Winnsboro Animal Control.

Another meeting has been scheduled for Monday night at 6 p.m.

Volunteers with the "Winnsboro Dog Pound" group told KTVE/KARD they've been locked out of the local animal shelter and the city is taking dogs for euthanization without their knowledge.

The volunteers were at Thursday night's meeting to make their voices heard but never got the chance.

"Winnsboro Dog Poud" founder Kim Kimbrough told KTVE/KARD city council members assured her the volunteers will be given their time at Monday night's meeting.


WINNSBORO (KTVE/KARD) -- A special meeting of the Winnsboro aldermen turned chaotic quickly, leading to one alderman being escorted out in handcuffs.

A special meeting of the Winnsboro board of aldermen ended in chaos.

District 2 aldermen John Dumas led out in handcuffs.

The public shouted comments, and after several tense moments, the meeting suddenly ended with issues still on the table.

"If that's what it takes being a martyr for the people, then I'll do it. As long as I know that I'm right," said Dumas.

After Dumas was released, he gave us his side of the story.

He said it started with an argument over Winnsboro's financial state, with aldermen saying they haven't even seen any financial statements.

"We were elected to watch the finances of this city. That's why people elected the folks at this table and for some reason, they're not being given to us," said alderman Craig Gill.

"The questions that I asked and the people I asked them to  were the ones who were supposed to be answering the questions and they didn't and they didn't want the questions asked to them," said Dumas.

Some aldermen argued the finances couldn't be discussed at the meeting without disclosing personnel details.

The aldermen voted to postpone the financial discussion, but when Dumas started asking questions about the audit, Mayor Jackie Johnson confronted him.

The following are words exchanged between the two:

Dumas: "So the answer is what, Mayor?"

Mayor Johnson: "You're not recognized, Mr. Dumas."

Dumas: "Well, recognize me!"  

Mayor Johnson: "Would you please remove Mr. Dumas?" 

That then led to Dumas' handcuffed escort out by Winnsboro police. Mayor Johnson adjourned the meeting and walked out.

Dumas says he doesn't regret the outburst, saying the people of Winnsboro were being denied information.

"The individual lady that he's recommending is the one who's finding fault but also was the one that helped to do the preliminary budget last year, so in the process of doing so, it's kind of like letting the fox go into the hen house," Dumas.

Dumas has two weeks left in his term as district two alderman. He was the challenger against Mayor Johnson in the Winnsboro mayoral race last month.

Only time will tell now what will be decided about the city's audit or when its finances will be made public.

As for the remaining issues on the agenda, the outburst made sure they were never heard.

One of the remaining issues on the agenda that was never discussed after the outburst was Winnsboro Animal Control.

The volunteer group, the "Winnsboro Dog Pound," takes care of the dogs at the city shelter.

But now they say the city has locked them out.

They were at the meeting Thursday night to make their voices heard, saying more dogs are at risk for euthanization Friday.

But the meeting's outburst and abrupt ending left their voices on the cutting room floor.

"We would love to regain access to the dogs because that's how we're able to help them. Tomorrow at 1 o'clock, we have six dogs to save and we have pulled three of them already," said "Winnsboro Dog Pound" Founder, Kim Kimbrough.

The volunteer group is asking to be allowed back in to help the dogs get adopted, instead of euthanized.

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