UPDATE: Metro Narcotics Talks About Taking Almost 86 Lbs. of Cocaine Off Street

Esai Valencia and Adan Valencia face charges of criminal conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute/manufacture.

This, after deputies with the Metro Narcotics Street Unit say they discovered the two were traveling with almost 86 pounds of cocaine.

Lt. David Crain, a Metro Narcotics Officer, says,"This is a very good stop. This is a large amount of cocaine. Its not every day we get something like this."

Officers say the odd behavior of the men caused authorities to call in a search dog.

"The deputy's K9 alerted to the Chrystler Pacifica on the car hauler. A search of the vehicle showed evidence that something was concealed inside, and you could smell an overwhelming odor of cocaine," says Crain. 

The officers say nearly four million dollars worth of cocaine was found hidden in a secret compartment in the back of a car the tractor trailer was hauling.

The stop was made at the Camp Street exit on I-20. Metro Narcotics says drugs are traveling down the interstate all the time, and its about stopping the right people at the right time.

Metro Narcotics officers say a drug bust this big is good not only for their department but also for the public.

"Its a win for everyone when we make a stop like this. That is a significant amount of cocaine that is taken off the street and won't be put in the hands of the users," says Crain. 

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