Thieves Steal $4K Worth of Rifles from Pine Bluff Pawn Shop

PINE BLUFF, AR (KARK) --  "You can put bars on the window, you can put locks on the doors, it's not going to stop them. It's just going to slow them down."

Brad Tarter says the store has taken every security measure, locks, bolts, chains, safes.

"A lock is for an honest man. They're going to find a way in somehow so the best thing you can do is just be prepared for so you don't lose anything," says Tarter.

Still, Pawn City in Pine Bluff is a target.

The store caught five people on surveillance breaking in.

They came in first just before 4:30 a.m. breaking through the door and metal garage door with sledgehammers and axes.

When the alarm went off they ran away, but came back.

This time they stole three high power rifles.

"It doesn't feel like anything is safe anymore," says Tarter.

"The store manager tells me once the people got through this door he thinks they knew exactly what they were looking for because once they got in they ran past all of this stuff and went straight to the assault rifles.

Tarter says they stole nearly $4,000 worth of rifles.

Unfortunately this break in isn't the first.

"Half the time I can't even sleep at night because I'm waiting for that phone call at night because you don't know when the night time is going to be." 

About two months ago he says people broke through the store and wiped out all his ammunition.

And in January wiped out the entire store.

Laptops, TV's, guns, ammo and more adding up to $30,000 lost.

Tarter says he doesn't know what else to do to protect his store except tighten up on his trust.

"They can be your friend to your face all day long, but you don't know if they're actually trying to find the weak spot in the building and you never know."

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