P2P Meth: New Deadliest Drug in Ouachita Parish?

OUACHITA PARISH (KTVE/KARD) -- Law enforcement officials said a new drug trend is taking Ouachita Parish.

They said it's not among the usual suspects and the majority of it may not even be made here.

It's called P2P Meth.

It's blue in color and Ouachita Parish District Attorney Jerry Jones said it's exploded on the streets of the parish in just the last year.

"I think it will eventually replace crack cocaine as the most dangerous drug on the streets in this community," Jones said.

So said six-year Metro Narcotics Unit Agent "John."

That's not his real name, but he's undercover and KTVE/KARD is protecting his identity.

"John" said P2P has surpassed the standard crystal meth in our area.

"The mainstay today of the meth we deal with in Ouachita Parish," he said.

P2P, unlike crystal meth, isn't made with pseudoephedrine but rather Phenyl-2-propanone.

"It'll run purities in the neighborhood of 85%, which your local-made meth, on a good day, you may reach 55%-60%," said "John."

But authorities said that leads to a high akin to clinical paranoia.

"I've got video of a guy just three weeks ago, he was chewing his toenails. I don't think I can physically do that," said "John." "They hear the black helicopters. They think everybody's watching them. They think everybody's out to get them."

"They started out carrying pocket knives and wind up with machine guns and that's how paranoid they got," Jones said. "I knew a dealer that went to sleep with a machine gun."

Authorities said they've seen people eat it, smoke it and inject it, but seldom cook it.

"We've seen our clandestine labs go down and our crystal methamphetamine seizures go up," explained "John."

Both Jones and Agent "John" said many P2P batches are made in "super labs" south of the border in Mexico.

There's everyday warning signs you can spot.

"If you start seeing a mysterious blue color in rooms it is not supposed to be in, you find a spoon with blue coloring or a Coke can upside down with blue and white residue on it," said Jones.

Narcotics agents said they'll keep fighting to find out who's supplying the "Super Meth," as they call it.

"We take this information, try to put it together and figure out who's actually facilitating and then that's who we target and try to dismantle," said "John."

Meanwhile, Jones said the courts need to catch up, saying they don't charge this drug like the danger it is.

"Distribution of P2P Meth carries the same sentence as distribution of marijuana," said Jones.

"Do you think it should be worse with P2P?" KTVE/KARD's Nick Lawton asked.

"Oh, absolutely." Jones replied.

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