New Jobs Brought to South Arkansas

Warren--  People lined up with the hopes of applying for a job with the new Blue Rooster Poultry Plant, in WarrenArkansas.

"Everybody is just kind of excited to have some new jobs coming to Warren," says Arrowood.

Resident Michael Marshall says he has been unemployed since last November, and he really needs this job.

"Take care of my family. Buy some things that I need, things that I want," says Marshall.

Blue Rooster is hiring 100 applicants and the Mayor of Warren, Bryan Martin, says it’s coming at the perfect time.

"Anytime you bring an industry to a small town like Warren, that has unemployment of 8.5-9 percent, and you bring 100 jobs, it means a lot to our community," says Martin.

Martin says anyone who is looking for a job in or near Warren, needs to come out and apply.

"It'll be going on for the next 3 weeks, here at this location. Then I assume they will be taking job applications at the plant," says Martin.

Blue Rooster is known for their antibiotic free poultry.

They are hoping to have the new plant up and running by October.

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