Mother and Son Arrested for Illegally Possessing Motorcycle

UNION PARISH (UPSO) -- A mother and son have been arrested by Union Parish sheriff’s deputies after the son was accused illegally possessing a Harley Davidson motorcycle valued at $15,000.
Booked into the parish detention center June 10 were Steven Casey Morris, 29, of West Monroe, and Virginia Downey Hood, 56, of Farmerville.
Morris was booked on two counts of resisting arrest, illegal possession of stolen things and possession of drug paraphernalia. Hood was booked on three counts of battery of a police officer and resisting an officer with force and violence.
Morris’ total bond was set at $4,200 while his mother’s bond totaled $2,750.
Sheriff Dusty Gates said deputies had received word that a stolen motorcycle was located at Hood’s address outside Farmerville. The two deputies arrived at the address and one went to the front door while the second went to the back door.
When Hood was asked if her son was there and if he had a motorcycle, the mother said she didn’t know. She gave deputies permission to search the house and eventually Morris was found upstairs hiding behind a door.
Deputies reported that Morris resisted by fighting to keep from being handcuffed and that the mother kept slamming a door into the rib cage of the deputy trying to handcuff the son. Morris was finally handcuffed after he was told he would be tazed.
Deputies then attempted to handcuff the mother who resisted and had to be taken to the floor and handcuffed physically.
Deputies reported that a search of the motorcycle turned up a used needle and syringe. The owner of the cycle said it didn’t belong to him and he also found clothing and a knife in the bags of the cycle which were not his. The cycle was taken from Ouachita Parish where Morris faces additional charges.
Deputies reported that while en route to jail that Morris admitted to taking the motorcycle “because I was tired of walking.”

-- Johnny Gunter, UPSO

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