Mayor and Police Chief Issue Joint Statement in Response to Internal MPD Survey

Monroe -- Mayor Jamie Mayo comments, "Jimmie Bryant was hired as our Chief Operations Officer. As part of his duties, he is tasked with the responsibility of helping each of our departments become more effective and efficient. A simple term for that is “Operational Enhancements”. His methods used can vary per department or project. Bryant will be working within each city department to help assess their current state, along with helping to identify strengths, challenges and opportunities that exist within.

An anonymous internal survey was conducted within the Monroe Police Department. Some of the questions focused on areas such as communication, goals & vision, morale, team building, and management. Those who are familiar with corporate business know that this is a common tool used to help assess the current state of a company or a particular department/division within a company. The planned process was for the Chief Operations Officer to first go over the survey results with me (Mayor Mayo), and then go over the results with Chief Holmes. The next designed step was for Chief Holmes and his department to work together to draft a Plan of Action to build upon strengths and address any challenges shown in the survey. We were not able to complete this process prior to receiving a public records request for the survey results. However, the process will continue."

“What do we hope to achieve from something like this? Well, we hoped to have had time to analyze the survey results so that we could determine the Strengths, Opportunities and Weaknesses within the department. This would allow us to place proper focus on determining what is necessary to enhance or improve those areas. Then, share the survey results and a plan of action with the community. Since this is an internal working document designed to help improve this department, I plan to further review the survey results with Chief Holmes…and then give him a timeline to work with his team and properly respond to and/or address any issues it revealed."

About the Survey Results…First, let me say the media and the public has a right to know what we’ve determined and how we plan to build upon or address what has been found. I can not emphasize enough that our goal here, and in any other department, is to utilize the information derived from the survey or assessment to make the department more efficient and effective. Second, the survey shows that there are some positives and challenges within the police department."


· Positives include that most of our MPD personnel feel…

o A sense of achievement in public service

o Appreciative of the department’s commitment to having updated technology & equipment

o Safety is important and stressed by all levels of management

o They would like to move up in rank and become supervisors

· This survey also showed there is a lot of work to be done internally to make every aspect of the department more efficient and effective. Those Challenges include improvement in: All forms and levels of management; Communication; Team-building, and Morale.


Finally, it takes a team effort to make departmental improvements happen. That starts at the top! These improvements MUST begin with Chief Holmes, followed by his management team. And they will need to involve some degree of input from every member of the police department." --End of Statement by Mayor Mayo.

MPD Chief Quentin Holmes comments, " First of all, I want to say that I understand and appreciate the importance of the departmental survey that was conducted. The overall purpose was to obtain information that will help us improve at every level. In order for that to actually take place, we have to take an honest look at the survey results and build upon whatever strengths it points out.

Those strengths include:


1. Providing fair and competitive wages

2. A universal belief in safety for the public and our officers

3. A departmental commitment to having updated technology & equipment

4. A sense of pride and achievement for being able to provide public service


"But, most importantly, we have to work together to improve upon the weaknesses and challenges that are shown. As much as I love to utilize data, I have to admit that the numbers are what they are. They clearly show that we have some work to do, and that starts with me first, as Chief."


1. I need to improve my internal and external relationships and communications.

2. I need to delegate more authority to my senior supervisors.

3. I need to be more receptive to independent ideas and input re: new policies and new initiatives.

4. I need to help build a better environment that allows all our personnel to feel more valued at all times.


"The goal of the entire police department is to improve public safety and every phase of our operations, both internally and externally. We will work together as a team, with input from our management and personnel at all levels, to improve our department, public safety, and the overall quality of life in the City of Monroe." --End of Statement by Chief Holmes

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