Mayo, Holmes Respond to 'No Confidence' Vote in Monroe Police Chief

MONROE, LA -- Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo and Police Chief Quentin Holmes say they are disappointed in police union leaders for bringing negative press to the department.

"I have a vote of no confidence against the union leaders. That is my vote as I don't have very much confidence in the way they have reacted," says Mayor Mayo.

Chief Holmes adds that he believes the vote against him was the result of one third of the officers in the department upset over disciplinary actions taken against them and changes in management policy.

"Its not my management style, its that they don't want me to tell them no. They don't want me to use sound practice. That is my frustration," says Chief Holmes. 

Mayor Mayo and Chief Holmes say they will be meeting with union leaders at some point to discuss the no confidence vote, but they also want to take time to discuss unacceptable internal issues in the department.

The mayor and chief say some members of the department have participated in unacceptable behaviors such as defacing photos of fellow officers and photoshopping photos of city leaders in unflattering situations.

"That is not what we do. That is what we need to stop doing. These things are going to be addressed," says Chief Holmes. 

Union President Mike Calloway tells us the photos weren't meant to be malicious.

He says he had no knowledge of the photo of city leaders brought up by the mayor and chief. 

Calloway adds the department's problems go deeper than small behavior problems and some disgruntled employees.

"This was a culmination of the last several years. It brought it out to the public and then there was a response from the chief. Prior to that we had not made a lot of headway in our talks with him," says Calloway. 

The mayor and chief say the vote was premature and comes a few days before the action plan to improve the police department is put in place.

Mayor Mayo says, "What we try to do with the action plan is address all of the main issues, like the morale issue and some feelings that the chief is a certain way."

The mayor says he will continue to work with Chief Holmes to correct problems in the police department.

Calloway says he hopes both sides can come to a solution.

"We can continue to fight this and be at odds with each other, or we can realize that at some point we need to move forward with our goal," says Calloway. 

Both sides agree that the ultimate job of the police department is protecting and serving the city as best they can.

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