Horses Found Shot to Death in Concordia Parish, Investigators Offering Reward Money

(WARNING: Some of the images in the video may be graphic.)

-- A horse and her foal graze freely in a quiet field near Lake Concordia.

But just a pasture away, three horses are not as fortunate.

Investigators in Concordia Parish are looking for leads in a horrific crime -- three horses shot to death.

Now concerned residents have raised reward money to help find those who did this.

"It's just a shame a crime like this has to occur," said Vernon Stevens, the public information officer for the Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office. "There's no reason for it other than just viciousness on somebody's part to kill those horses. They viciously shot these horses while they were in the field."

Stevens said it seems the fully grown horses were shot sometime Thursday night, June 26.

"Thus far no witnesses have come forward," he said. "A passerby had noticed the horses had been shot in the field and called and reported it to the sheriff's office."

Authorities said it seems two of the horses were shot and killed instantly, but couldn't say where the horses were shot. The third was shot in the back hip, but Stevens said the injuries were so bad that the owner had to euthanize it.

The sheriff's office says the horses were previously nourished, well fed and well cared for.

"Somebody with that much of a vicious streak this may not be the only time they do it and it could lead to something else," said Stevens.

Investigators have no leads, but are offering a $3,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest.

"It was raised by concerned citizens who want to see the people who did this be caught and punished," said Stevens. "Hopefully a reward of that size will encourage people who saw a vehicle on the levy around that time to come forward. "It's a horrible crime and hopefully we can get some information and some tips that will lead to an arrest and conviction of these people."

The sheriff's office could not say why the horses' bodies are still in the pasture, but the land is on private property.

If you have any information or noticed anything unusual on Fisherman Drive or LA Highway 3196 around Lake Concordia on the night of June 26th, please call the Concordia Parish Sheriffs Office at 318-336-5231.

Your information will remain anonymous.

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