Farmerville Woman Shows Up to Court High

FARMERVILLE (UPSO) -- A woman appearing in Third Judicial District Court in Farmerville for cruelty to juveniles was arrested earlier this week (June 8) for showing up in court on a “drug high,” Union Parish deputies reported.

Angela Carrie Osborn, 30, of 310 Henry Smith Rd., Bernice, was eventually booked into the Union Parish Detention Center on six charges after admitting to Judge Jay McCallum that she was on drugs.

She was booked for disturbing the peace by intoxication (high), resisting arrest, resisting an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and introducing contraband in a penal facility. Her bond was set at $6,300. She was still incarcerated Friday.

When the two deputies assigned to the courtroom tried to arrest Osborn, she became combative and had to be restrained for handcuffing. Deputies reported that Osborn fought her removal from the courthouse annex and also fought from being placed in a patrol unit.

Deputies said that Osborn’s vehicle was in the parking lot and that K-9 Jack alerted them to drugs. A search of the vehicle revealed two marijuana pipes and a small amount of marijuana.

While undergoing a strip search at the detention center, prison officers found a small amount of marijuana on her person.

Osborn had to appear in court Tuesday after being charged June 30 with domestic abuse battery with child endangerment and cruelty to juveniles, both of which are felonies. Her bond on these charges was set at $8,000. She bonded out on the first two charges.

Deputies reported that they arrived at 573 Newman Rd., Bernice, in the early morning hours of June 30 to find Osborn and her boyfriend, Andrew L. Sanders, 36, fighting. Both were arrested for domestic abuse battery with child endangerment.

During the investigation, Sheriff Dusty Gates said the deputies noticed markings on the couple’s 3-year-old son’s neck that appeared to be from choking. A 7-month-old girl also was present during the fight.

Deputies reported that Osborn was sweating profusely, her eyes sensitive to light and she was speaking in a fast, inconsistent manner changing from one story to another.

-- Johnny Gunter, UPSO

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