Caldwell Parish Authorities Arrest Six Accused Drug Dealers

CALDWELL PARISH (KTVE/KARD) -- Authorities say six accused drug dealers are now off the streets of Columbia.

"I feel good about this one last night, this was some of our bigger dealers in the Anding Heights area and Brownville area that we've been working on," said Caldwell Parish Sheriff, Steve May.

All of the suspects are charged with distribution of meth, among other drug charges.

"That's all they're concerned about is the money. Not the people out there, it's just big money," said May of those working in distributing methamphetamine, a powerfully addictive drug.

Sheriff May says the investigation began after receiving several calls about drug activity in the Anding Heights area.

"We've been working on this for four or five months, and this is knocking some of our bigger drug dealers out of the picture," he said.

Three of the six suspects were arrested on Wednesday: 36-year-old Dedric Cloman of Columbia, 31-year-old Meshaal Griffin of Columbia and 29-year-old Marcus Green of Columbia.

Cloman faces one count of Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (Methamphetamine).

Griffin faces two counts of that same charge.

Green faces two different Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance charges, one for marijuana and the other for methamphetamine.

Three other suspects were arrested on Thursday: 39-year-old Kenneth Modique of Caldwell Parish, 30-year-old Lakora Williams of Columbia and 33-year-old Antonio Harris of Caldwell Parish.

Modique faces one count of Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (Methamphetamine).

Williams faces three counts of that same charge while Harris will face four counts.

We're told all six now reside in the Caldwell Parish Sheriff's Office Jail.

Sheriff May said a few of the suspects have been in and out of jail.

"But hopefully now that we've had the arrests like this, they'll put them away this time," said May, adding that it takes time to build a solid case in investigations like this one.

Sheriff May says meth is a growing problem in the area.

"It's a never ending battle," he said. "It's getting worse. Back 10, 15, 20 years ago it was marijuana, and that's what we had to fight then was the marijuana. But that's not the big drug now, it's the meth. We can teach our kids in school [with] DARE. And the parents can teach them at home, 'stay away from drugs, say no to drugs,' and just hope and pray that they'll learn the dangers of it and stay away from it when they get older."

And this investigation, doesn't stop here.

"it's not going to stop. We're going to keep on," said Sheriff May. "You get them out of the way, there's somebody else that's going to take their place."

Authorities say if you know of any drug activity to report, please call the Caldwell Parish Sheriff's Office at 318-649-2345. 

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