Alleged Shreveport Man Claims He Infected More Than 30 Women In FB Video

TEXARKANA, TEXAS (KMSS) - A disturbing video from an alleged Shreveport man is going viral on Facebook. In the clip, a man claims to have given AIDS to more than 30 women in the Texarkana area.

The Texarkana Police Department confirmed they are actively looking into the video, but they are not releasing the man's name. No other information is currently being released.

In the video, a masked man named "Joe" from Shreveport says he has infected "many woman" and has a "list of names." He then proceeds to name--by KMSS' count-- 33 women. It's possible the number could be slightly off because the man does not speak clearly at times.

Since the social media clip was posted Thursday, the video has been shared more than 4,000 times.

After about a minute of names, the man states they could be infected.

"You ladies need to go get yourself checked. Just because I make it rain in the club, doesn't mean I don't have AIDS."

The video, which is graphic in some parts, can be viewed on Facebook: 

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