VIDEO: Ride-Along with the Task Force

OUACHITA PARISH (UPDATE) -- The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force has completed their street crime operations, which took place over the last two weeks.

The first round was conducted July 21, 22 and 23. The second round was conducted on July 31, August 1 and August 2.

All areas of Ouachita Parish, including municipalities of Sterlington, Monroe and West Monroe were targeted.

Click the videos above to watch part 1 and part 2 of the special report.

The task force was made up of eight local agencies: West Monroe Police, Monroe Police, Sterlington Police, DEA, Louisiana State Police, Louisiana D.P.S. Police, ULM Police, and the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office (including the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office).

The task force pairs up one officer with another from a different department -- the duo combs the streets, searching for anything out of the ordinary and making traffic stops.

"It sort of confused the suspects on the street, they didn't know what to think," said Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell.

District Attorney Jerry Jones said the task force has stepped up its activity since it started last year.

"These arrests would not have been made if not for these men and women on the streets. Crime has gotten to the point where it need this response from law enforcement," he said at a press conference on Wednesday. "I think the public needs to respect and appreciate the work done by these people."

Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell said this task force is now unprecedented in size.

"It exceeded our expectations. I can't thank these men and women behind me enough for what they did," he said. 

Russell says they were able to clear up several burglaries and removed many impaired drivers off the roads.

They even pulled a major cocaine and meth dealer in Ouachita Parish off the streets.

"There was a large amount of drug seizure with him, and this was one where we seized a jaguar and several vehicles," said Bob Morris, captain of the OPSO SCAT. "There's always someone there to take his spot."

Despite coming from different agencies and backgrounds, Russell says the group worked well together and the operation went off without a hitch.

"You work together as one. You put aside the badge and do what's best for the citizens of Ouachita Parish," he said. "We're coming to a neighborhood near you."

Below are some of the total statistics and seizes from the six day operation:


Warrant Arrests: 92 (including one murder warrant)

Drug Arrests: 129

Other Felony or Misdemeanor Arrests: 20

Total Arrests: 241

Knock and Talks: 6

Citations: 165

Drug Seizures

Marijuana Seizures

- 1 pound of marijuana
- 4.5 ounce of marijuana
- (11) 1/4 oz. bag of marijuana
- (64) 1/8 oz. bags of marijuana
- (118.5) grams of marijuana
- 1 marijuana plant
- (21) marijuana cigarettes
- 1 bag of synthetic marijuana
- (3) grams Hashish

Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Ecstacy, PCP, etc.

- (10) rocks of crack cocaine
- (6.5) grams of cocaine
- (121.5) grams of meth
- (2) ounces of PCP
- (1) PCP cigarette

Prescription Pills

- (305) units of assorted prescription pills

Other Seizures


A total of 17 firearms seized

- Ruger Blackhawk 357 mag (stolen)
- Charter Arms .38 Special Revolver
- Cobra .380 semi auto pistol (convicted felon)
- Titan .38 caliber 5 shot revolver
- Savage 7mm Rifle
- Lorcin .25 cal pistol
- Hi Point .45 cal pistol
- 6 additional handguns (two of which were stolen)
- Ruger P-85 9mm pistol
- Hi Point .380 cal pistol
- Smith and Wesson 40 cal pistol
- Cobra .380 cal pistol


- 2002 Jaguar
- 1999 Mercury Marquis
- 2014 TaoTao 150 Moped


- $18,335.00


- 1 Meth lab seizure
- DWI Arrests

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