Union Pacific Safety Campaign Urges Drivers to Always Expect a Train

LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) - Union Pacific Railroad is launching a public safety campaign aimed at encouraging pedestrians and drivers to safely use railroad crossings.

The advertising campaign utilizes radio spots to remind residents of key railroad safety tips.
At the center of the campaign are radio advertisements featuring Union Pacific employees engaged in public safety. Their voices remind pedestrians and drivers to use caution around railroad crossings and “if the gates are down, don’t go around.” Jay Holman, senior special agent for Union Pacific’s police department, urges the public to “always expect a train,” and to stay alert and patient when approaching railroad tracks. 
“It takes a train traveling at 55 mph more than a mile to stop, and by the time our conductor sees you on the track, it’s too late to stop,” said Brandon Morris, director-public affairs for Union Pacific. “Union Pacific is committed to safety in the communities we serve throughout Arkansas, and our message is simple - you’re never too late to wait for a train.”
In addition to Holman, Raquel Espinoza, director-Public Affairs, also lent her voice for the radio spots.

  • Besides the advertising campaign, Union Pacific's Crossing Accident Reduction Education and Safety (UP CARES) initiative promotes pedestrian and driver safety through a variety of outreach channels: 
  • Grade crossing education and enforcement, during which motorists violating rail crossing signage and laws are educated about the dangers of such actions. Related "positive enforcement" initiatives reward drivers who operate safely at grade crossings.
  • Safety trains, hosting local law enforcement, media and public officials and providing them the opportunity to ride in the locomotive cab and see traffic violations from a locomotive engineer's point of view. This also allows Union Pacific to connect with community leaders and help them better understand the railroad's safety focus.
  • Communication blitzes, which educate the public via community events, media outreach and paid advertising. Media outreach coincides with safety trains in UP communities.

Click here to see a video about Union Pacific’s public safety campaign and the employees featured in the radio spots. 
Click here for more information about railroad safety. 

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