Third Annual ULM President's Academy Comes to a Close

Monroe -- The President’s Academy at the University of Louisiana at Monroe has been a highlight of the summer for the past three years. The academy—envisioned by ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno—invites high ability high school students to the ULM campus for a week full of university and career immersion.

“It was always my intent to bring the best and the brightest to Monroe to work with our business partners and to see what our region has to offer,” said Bruno. “We were interested in making sure that high school students would be exposed to careers. We hope this helps them cement their career decision. I want to encourage the students to not let up on the great work they have already done. “

President’s Academy partners with regional employers to give the students real-world experiences in their chosen career path. Career paths include law, computer science, health science, and physical science.

This year, the academy teamed with CenturyLink, Angus Chemical Company, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company, University Health Conway, St. Francis Medical Center, Monroe Surgical Hospital, P&S Surgical Hospital, the Ouachita Council on Aging, and Escamilla and Poneck, LLC.

On campus, students were given full-scale college-style course lessons and lectures, with laboratory experiences to accompany what they learned in the classroom.

Each day students were exposed to language lessons from ULM Latin instructor Bryan Butler; performances in the arts from ULM Visual and Performing Arts students and faculty; and themed dinners geared toward enriching the student academy experience.

The students then take their in-class and externship experience, and are divided into “X-teams” to develop a solution and action plan to combat a fictional “pandemic,” which is presented to them at the beginning of the academy.

Students use their new knowledge to create their solution project, which is presented to a panel of judges on the final day of the academy.

The winning group for the 2014 academy was X-Team 3, comprised of Amia Green, Mary Alice Hazelwood, Morgan Guillory, Dalton Gibson, Raymonde Armoo, Samuel Dailey, Mi’Kira Jones, Aryiana Moore, Lauren Latham, and Aidan Reid. The team was guided by ULM PREP staff members Natalie Kern and Wyatt Medlin.

This year’s academy welcomed 51 students from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.


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