South Arkansas 4th Annual Juneteenth Festival

El Dorado-- The 4th annual Juneteenth Festival was a huge success Saturday in El Dorado.

"We're over here at the great Mattocks Park having our 4th annual Juneteenth Festival. We want everyone to come out. If you aren't here, you are missing a great treat," says Glosson.

Organizer, Benito Glosson, says the community has really backed him up and supported him with this event.

"They are very, very grateful and humbled about it. They say they wish someone had done something like this a long time ago and they are very grateful for me, for doing it. It's just a great thing for the community as a whole," says Glosson.

Along with eating, dancing, and having a good time, there are individuals who have come out specifically to bring awareness to Juneteenth's true meaning.

Historical representative for the Juneteenth Festival, Carolyn Smith-Williams, says Juneteenth's true meaning is sometimes overlooked.

"This is a celebration of our first legal holiday, celebrating that we are free," says Williams.

Williams believes the youth of today still have an enslaved mindset.

"We use the shackles and things like that and replace it with drugs, alcohol, and a lot of other things. So anything that becomes your master, you become its slave," says Williams.

Glosson says he is pleased with the turnout at the festivities thus far.

"Right now we have about 600 people over here, it's kind of early. This afternoon around 6 or 7, it's going to be full," says Glosson.

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