Saving Paws of Caldwell

There are thousands of homeless animals across northeast Louisiana and in Caldwell Parish some of them are finding shelter at the Caldwell Parish Correctional Center.
The biggest issue is we have so many strays and people are not getting animals spayed/neutered.
Donna Pardue volunteers for 'Saving Paws of Caldwell' -- a private no-kill group that is running this shelter on the prison grounds.  The group survives off donations from the public.
16 you can't say yourself I'm a good person but I don't want to mess with those animals that's not my problem.. unfortunately it's gotta be a lot of people and right now it's very few of us, we've been doing this 2 years and couldn't have done it without Sheriff Steve May said Donna Pardue.
'It helps the parish because you have a place to put the dogs, you wouldn't believe the complaints ... no place to put them"
But shelter volunteers say they need help from the public.  It takes 75 pounds of food per day to feed the dogs at this shelter... and that doesn't include veterinary care.
Or if you're looking for a new best friend, there are many pups here already spayed and neutered... that need a loving home.
"It's really big thing, kids, my grand baby likes it, its like he's in a toy store coming out here, I like that one and that one it's good for the kids to come out here and look' said Sheriff Steve May.
Caldwell shelter volunteers hope residents will step up and help their furry pals... by volunteering or donating.

If you'd like to help the shelter animals, you can make a donation at homeland bank.
You can contact 'Saving Paws of Caldwell' on Facebook or you can go to their website at

You can stop by the shelter in Clarks Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 and 3.
Or you can call the sheriff's office and make an appointment.

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