Project Attempts to Control Richwood Area Flooding

RICHWOOD -- Hundreds of residents in the Richwood area suffer from flooding problems during heavy rains.

Elizabeth Splond, a resident, says, "Its been flooding ever since I got here. Every time it gets a little worse and a little worse each time it floods."

The main problem is clogged drainage canals near homes.

Pat Moore with the Flood Control Project says,"Vegetation, debris, trash, all of these things have clogged up this canal so water can't get to the bayou. Any time there is a heavy rain what you're going to see is a back up and its going to go into the community."

Ouachita Parish put over $400,000 dollars of federal money toward clearing some of the canals as part of the flood control project. Still, those involved with the project say they are continuing to find some trash in and around the canals.

"Dont clutter up our canals. Don't throw trash. Don't illegal dump things that should not be in this canal. If so, we are going to have another major flooding problem," says Moore.

Not all of the canals could be cleared and continue to be an issue. 
Splond says she cleans the canal behind her house as much as she can, but she says the vegetation and trash are still a problem.

"If the water comes and all the trash is out there, then yes, its going to flood again, but if the ditch is cleared out maybe the water wouldn't come over here so bad," says Splond. 

Splond says the flooding in her home has been so bad that she spent the night inside her car.

"It goes all over the house. There is at least two or three feet of water inside the house," says Splond.

She says if the flooding continues to be an issue she will have to move. Still, Splond is hopeful the flood control project might help her stay in the home she loves.

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