Parental Controls During the Summer

EL DORADO / MONROE -- Over the summer, some kids keep busy at home with tech gadgets while the parents are away at work. Tech experts have advice on how to keep kids safe with parental controls.

With bright screens and fun games, it's no wonder kids are attracted to tablets and smart devices.

"They do know kids like tablets. But, safety is always the number one concern," said Jacob Branson, Geek Squad Agent with Best Buy.

Branson says some mobile companies include parental control settings pre-installed on tablets like the Galaxy Tab and the Kindle.

"So, let's say you want them to be able to use entertainment applications like Angry Birds, Where's My Water. But, you don't want your kids spending six hours a day playing those," commented Branson. "You can actually time set those applications to run for 30 minutes or maybe an hour a day. [Children] want tablets for fun. But they can also be used for educational purposes."

Once the time limit is reached, the app will close until the parent enters a passcode. Branson suggests searching and downloading educational apps, allowing their use all day-- only time limiting the gaming apps.

Branson also says it's possible to mount a GoPro to your home as a security camera to watch what happens while you're away.

"You can actually wirelessly monitor into that surveillance system and actually see what your kids are doing right then and there all on a live stream," Branson explained.

Branson also says protecting phones from water damage is a common concern with kids.

Some devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, are water-resistant in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

"For a phone that's a lot of water, right? So you don't have to worry about dropping six hundred bucks," noted Branson. "You can just write it off. And the phone will still operate perfectly fine."

But, if the S5 is not your style, there are fully waterproof cases available for other mobile devices that keep the water out just as well.

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