Never Too Old to Jitterbug

WEST MONROE -- 95-year-old Lee Brown and his 80-year-old wife, Peggy, just for fun, take to the dance floor limping on a cane.

But it's all a ruse.

The cane gets tossed, the music comes on and these two move like any young dancers you've ever seen.

"It's stimulating because you're feeling something outside of yourself that is lifting you," Lee said.

The two are living proof that it's never too late to find love.

Lee's a widower and Peggy a divorcee.

They met at a dance in the American Legion Post in Farmerville just three years ago.

"I hadn't been out with anybody but my wife for 68 years. I didn't know how to meet a gal!" Lee said.

"I had been single for 25 years," Peggy added.

"She was waiting for me or looking for the best or whatever," continued Lee. "I danced with her and then one thing led to another and we danced some more and danced some more in different places and we've been married three years."

The couple danced this dance at the West Monroe Moose Lodge, but they've cut a rug from Monroe to Farmerville, Fort Worth, Texas and Hawaii.

They even won third place at the Union Parish Dancing with the Stars.

Their planners have more dancing dates than doctor's appointments, but that doesn't mean they don't feel the pain of age.

They just don't want to slow down.

"I kind of have sciatic nerve pain," said Peggy. "If I'm sitting down, it hurts sometimes, so I'd rather be dancing."

"It hurts when I'm at home, I'd rather be dancing," echoed Lee.

They said they often get asked: What's their secret?

A positive attitude, daily love notes and, of course, plenty of dancing.

"Just keep dancing. It's the best exercise you can get and it's lots of fun," Peggy said.

"We're having a wonderful life," said Lee. "I couldn't write the script any better than what we're living just naturally."


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