Selfies: Research into the Phenomenon

CNN -- When on social networking sites, it's hard nowadays to avoid seeing a selfie pop up. But who is taking more selfies? Men or women and how is it impacting us as a society?

We've seen President Obama do it and Ellen's Sunday night Oscar selfie had more than two-million retweets.

This one little way to take a picture is pretty popular and the project "Selfiecity" has researchers giving the selfie a hard look. Researchers from City University of New York, California Institute of Telecommunication and Information, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, studied and cataloged thousands of selfies shared online from over a wide variety of social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and others.

These selfies were taken from residents in five international cities including Bngkok, Berlin, Moscow, New York, and Sao Paulo.

The project found that women take significantly more selfies than men, but once women hit 40, the trend reverses itself. For people age 40 and over, it's the men who snap more. The median age of selfie snappers turned out to be 23.7 years old. 
The researchers say the selfie has become more than just self promotion. It is also about creative self expression and has turned into a communal and social practice. It's such big phenomenon, that there was this whole study done about a simple way to take a photo.

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