Meet the Koloff's: Preachers' Daughters Family Has Monroe Ties

MONROE -- A family with Monroe ties graces the small screen, hoping to share their faith with the world. No it's not the Robertson's. Meet the Koloff's.

Wednesday evening season two of the Preachers' Daughters premieres on Lifetime.

"We're all four different families, living in different states that lead very different lives," says Victoria Koloff. 

Kolby Koloff is one of the four 'daughters' featured in the show.

"I'm getting a little more used to it, but it's still surreal to me," says Kolby. 

She's the daughter of Victoria, a well-known voice in Monroe. She's on the 'Mike and Victoria Show' on 92.3 The Wolf. 

"I've enjoyed Monroe. People here have treated me very well," says Victoria.

The Koloff's were also part of the first season of Preachers' Daughters. 

"We've always joked that our family is a walking reality TV show, but just to see it all come together, it's pretty exciting," says Kolby's big sister, Teryn Koloff Chapen. 

They hope their unique situation will show the world that Christians don't have to be perfect. 

"I represent the divorced Christian woman, who's still in ministry and God still uses me and I don't have a scarlet letter on my chest, just because I've been through a divorce. And I'm raising four daughters on my own," says Victoria. 

"I hope I represent Christ in the way that He should be represented," says Kolby. 

Preachers' Daughters airs Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. CST on Lifetime. 

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