Local Store Donates Shopping Spree to Kids in Boys & Girls Club of NELA

WEST MONROE, LA -- Back to school shopping can be a daunting task -- especially for families who need the extra help.

To make it easier -- Academy Sports and Outdoors hosted it's fifth annual Back To School Donation for kids of the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Louisiana on Wednesday night.

You could call it Christmas in July, as 34 kids hit the racks -- each child with a $100 gift card for back to school shopping.

"I've got several of them today that have got multiple children and it's a huge help," said William Awl, executive director of Boys and Girls Club of NELA.

A shopping spree for items like backpacks, clothes and shoes -- making back-to-school shopping a little easier for their parents.

"This is an opportunity to at least get them a nice pair of shoes that they really want," said Kenny Johnson, whose child is shopping in the program. "It's almost like Christmas, they get to walk around and just see what they want."

The Boys and Girls Club selected students whose families needed the extra help and had children attending schools with mandatory uniforms.

Lawanda Harris is shopping for not one, but two young children.

"It helps out quite a bit, I mean, it helps with school uniforms. They're expensive and a lot of people can't afford it when you have multiple children," she said.

For the families who call it the most expensive time of the year -- every little bit counts.

"This is a blessing for real, for us," said one parent. "Because when it comes to a growing boy and growing feet, any way to cut the costs it helps out a lot."

This is the second year Academy Sports & Outdoors has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of NELA for the donation. The company has donated to families for their back-to-school program for the past five years.

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