Healthy Options for School Lunch

El Dorado-- El Dorado students can choose from four lines in the cafeteria: Sandwich Combo, Chicken Strip Dinner, Homestyle Dinner, and Pizza Combo.

School officials say these items are healthier than food served last year.  

"One of the things that has been a focus this year is a low sodium intake, portion size, the offering of two or more vegetables, and two or more fruits," says Reibe.

El Dorado High School Principal, Alva Reibe, says students are adjusting,

"They don't like that they can only have french fries two days a week, but that's due to the fat intake there. They really like the options, the four lines. The students coming from the junior high really zero in on that because they get that option," says Reibe.

These healthy options include vegetables and fruits.

"They have to have at least half a cup of each of those items," says Reibe.

School officials say foods that were once considered unhealthy, now have nutritional value.

"Everything is 100 percent wheat, and even the fried items are battered with wheat," says Reibe.

Reibe says fewer students are now bringing lunch from home.

"We actually have 80 percent student participation which is huge, as far as a high school cafeteria. I think the reason why is because we have those options. Not many schools around have four options for the students to participate in," says Reibe.

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