UPDATE: Smoking Ban Bill Approved in House

UPDATE: Louisiana House lawmakers have approved a bill that bans smoking near state buildings.

House Bill 168 was approved 78-11.

The bill would ban smoking within 25 feet of public entrances to state office buildings and to their wheelchair ramps.

Violators would face a $25 fine the first time, a $50 fine for a second offense and a $100 fine for subsequent offenses.

The bill now goes to the senate.

Baton Rouge -- A bill that bans smoking near state buildings has cleared a House Committee.

The House Health and Welfare Committee approved HB 168.

Rep. Frank Hoffmann is the author of the bill.

It now moves on to the full hour floor for debate.

If approved, the bill would prohibit smoking within 25 feet of public office buildings.

The bill spells out fines ranging from $24 to $100 for violations. It would be $25 for first-time offenses, $50 for second offenses, and $100 for third and subsequent offenses. The bill only applies to state-owned, public office buildings.

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