Local Doctor Uses Magnetic Pulses for Depression Treatment

MONROE, LA -- John Moden says depression has taken a serious toll on his life.

"Well you miss out on a lot of life when you just don't feel like doing things," says Moden. 

Moden says antidepressant medicine was not working well.  Over a year ago, he turned to Dr. Calvin Walker for help.

"I would do it all over again. I am well pleased with how I feel. How you feel is how you start interacting with people. It makes a huge difference," says Moden. 

Walker uses a drug free treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). A small coil is used on the scalp to send pulses to the part of the brain controlling mood.

Walker says,"It involves a magnetic field that excites the brain cells, and they become more active."

Walker says TMS treatment is daily for about six weeks. Each treatment takes about 40 minutes. Walker says its been highly successful in keeping his patients happy and healthy.

"Our success in this patient population is more than 90% remission. That means resolution of their depression," says Walker. 

Although successful, Walker says t-m-s treatment is expensive, and it is not covered by most insurance companies. Moden says he paid for the treatment out of pocket. He says feeling happy is worth the money.

"Its hard to put a price on the quality of life," says Moden. 

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