HART Works to Help Unchained Dogs in Tallulah

Tallulah -- In Madison Parish, an animal welfare group spent time recently making sure dogs in the community have proper shelter.

A group called HART, Helping Animals Reach Tomorrow, spent the day putting up kennels in the Tallulah area.

HART has a Facebook page where they solicit donations for dog supplies, volunteers help dogs that live with no shelter from the heat, rain or cold.

“What our mission is to help enforce the ordinance we have passed where it's against the law to chain or tie your dog out. We're trying to help the community with those efforts on Facebook, to get these dogs in their proper enclosure which is at least a 10x10. We like to give them a little more running room, and get them off the logging chains: said Cappy Jeffers with HART.

HART welcomes all donations of supplies and money.

They are not an official charity organization, but they do promise to send follow up pictures to all who donate.

As part of the process, owners who get help from HART hand over the chains that were used on their dog.

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