GSU Offers Tech Help for People over 50

Grambling -- (By Deon Jones/Grambling State University Media Bureau) Senior citizens and seasoned citizens wanting to know how to get more out of their smartphones, laptops and mobile devices are getting some help at Grambling State University next week.

Designed specifically for people who are 50 years old and older, the university’s service learning program and the university first year experience program are co-hosting a four-day event, “Strengthening Technology Skills,” Monday through Thursday. The program will start each day at 2 p.m. in room 211 in the Charles P. Adams Building on campus. The event is free. Each day the program ends at 4 p.m.

During “Strengthening Technology Skills – a Workshop for People Over 50,” participants will learn a variety of creative and technical skills, including information about the I-Phone, other mobile devices, tablets, personal computers and more. Participants will learn how to Skype and learn which apps are best for different types of desires and uses. One-on-one guidance and training will be provided.

“Students are getting together to finalize the curriculum, and prepare for the workshops because they will be leading the discussions,” said Dr. Ellen D. Smiley, dean of the Earl Lester Cole Honors College and associate professor of education and coordinator of military science.

Smiley said at least one student will be available each day, and each student will focus on different aspects of technology use. “The students are computer information systems major or others who have had experience working with technology,” added Smiley. She said she and Dr. Rory Bedford, director of the university’s service learning unit, will be on hand to provide some backup assistance.

Bedford said this workshop series is an opportunity for students to earn service learning credit. “The students will experience the joy of providing service to others while sharing what they have learned from their coursework,” he said. “The first day, the students will assess the participants and determine their knowledge with regard to technology.”

“In many cases, although one may be very intelligent, using a cell phone and other technology can be challenging,” said Smiley. “The workshops will move at a slow pace so that participants will not feel intimidated by the technology.”

Participants are encouraged to bring Droids, iPhones and other smartphones as well as iPads and other tablet computers and other mobile devices. Those interested can call 318-274-2114 or email

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