FasterArkansas Hopes for Better Broadband Access in South Arkansas

El Dorado-- FasterArkansas brought its message of getting every Arkansas student a 21st century education to El Dorado this evening.

"We really hear it from the educators, the business leaders, the constituents of these certain areas. We're just the organization that is trying to fuel and organize all these people together," says Becker.

Field Director of FasterArkansas, Elsa Becker, says a lack of broadband network access has education at a stand still.

"Of the 42 states in the nation, that have such an infrastructure, Arkansas is the only one that does not have access to this," says Becker.

El Dorado's own Superintendent, Jim Tucker, was a keynote speaker at the meeting.

He says these technology issues are evident.

"There are rural schools and there are other schools in the state that do not have that access. They do not have the opportunity to provide the technology or the access to the technology that we do," says Tucker.

Luckily, he says El Dorado is fortunate to have the bandwidth to accommodate students' needs.

"We are really blessed, we really are. Like I said, we have nearly 4,000 devices for our students that are nearly one to one, and we do have the broadband network to provide the use of that for them," says Tucker.

Tucker says El Dorado education is one the community should be proud of.

"They use technology in College, and if we can't provide it in high school, how will they be prepared. We are very fortunate," says Tucker.


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