Voters Say 'Yes' To Union Parish Tax Proposals to Help Schools



Voters on Saturday decided the fate of the two propositions that would help fund area schools in Union Parish.

The first proposition, a 13.5 mill tax levy on property tax had 53 voting yes and about 47 percent voting no.

The second proposition is a one-cent sales tax to help rebuild and renovate scools in the district -- 54 percent voted yes and 46 percent voted no.


FARMERVILLE, LA. – On May 3rd, Voters in Union Parish will decide whether or not to pass a set of tax proposals to fund area schools.

"This is about one thing, the children of the parish," said Dr. George Cannon, superintendent of Union Parish Schools. 

In 2013, voters choose not to pass similar tax proposals that would have helped the district pay for needed renovations.

Dr. Cannon admits, those proposals may have asked too much from tax payers.

"And as a result of that we came back this year with  a proposal that includes both a 1-cent sales tax and instead of a 30-mill tax levy property tax for rebuilding schools,  we're coming back with a 13.5 mill levy," adds Dr. Cannon.  

Some of that money would come to Farmerville Elementary where, after more than five decades of use, is in dire need of repair.  Exposed wires, no central heat and air and a growing demand for upgraded security are just a few concerns for teachers and parents.

"We shouldn't be asking kids to go to school in that environment nor teachers to teach in it,” adds Dr. Cannon. "We're basically obsolete in facilities that are not really equipped to house kids in today's world."

Dr. Cannon believes district schools can't last much longer in the condition they’re in.

“Most of our schools were built 60-years ago and have never been renovated."

Because of that, he hopes voters say yes on May 3rd.

Adds Dr. Cannon, “Education becomes an investment that is essential for the growth of any community. Even more so, it’s essential to the kids of the parish, that they have the same shot at education that their counterparts do."

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