ULM and CenturyLink Partner Up for "Saturday Academies"

MONROE -- Junior high students from across the region gathered at ULM on Saturday to try to get a leg up on their future.

ULM professors teamed up with CenturyLink to offer "Saturday Academies" to younger students in the area.
Each three-house academy focuses on a different area in business, be it accounting, finance, management, or technology -- and highlights to the school-to-work pathway for each.

"I'm hopeful the kids can use regardless of which career they end up with, so i think it's both skills that would be relevant, obviously, in a corporate environment like centurylink or any environment, in terms of life skills," said Shirish lal, senior vice president of marketing for CenturyLink.

The classes at the academy were taught by ULM business professors and CenturyLink representatives. They say they wanted to teach the kids through real-life experience in the workplace.

This is the third session of classes. 
The next Saturday Academies is on March 29.

You can find more information by visiting 

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